SPS Products & Technology

Schultz Process Services uses the industry's most advanced process technologies and fabrication techniques to produce the highest quality products for our customers.

  • High Capacity
    Vane Separators
  • Single & Multi-Cyclones
    Centrifugal Separators
  • Filter Separators/
    Dry Gas Filters
  • Reverse Flow
  • Additional Products
    & Services

High Capacity Vane Separators

SPS Vertical Gas Separator

Vane technology provides compact sizing, high efficiency and 100% turndown capabilities, as well as low pressure drop. Vane technology allows a wide range of configurations to meet application requirements.

Design Features

  • 316L EDP patented vane technology
  • 3 Phase Applications
  • Combination of various SPS inlet devices
    • Inlet Multi-Swirlsep Centrifugal Devices
    • Conventional Tangential Inlet Devices
    • Inlet Pipe Diffuser
    • Dished Head Baffles
    • Vane Inlet Baffle
  • Slug Catchers

Performance Efficiency

  • 99.9% removal of 8µ-10µ
  • Can achieve 5μ-7μ with optional coalescers

Single & Multi-Cyclones Centrifugal Separators

SPS Horizontal Multi-Cyclone Pack

Multi-Cyclones are designed to provide high efficiency removal of both solids and liquids. MC2 designs have a 2-Stage configuration to handle slug flow, enabling a flexible and reliable design of separation for use in a wide range of harsh applications, i.e. asphaltenes, paraffins and foam as well as solids and liquids.

Design Features

Centrifugal separators are designed in either vertical or horizontal configurations. The vertical configuration is preferred when a large slug/liquid retention is required.

Performance Efficiency

  • Liquid: 99.9% of 8μ-10μ droplets
  • Solids: 99.9% of 5μ and larger particles

Proven History

The Multi-Cyclone Separator has a proven history. Using the latest CFD technology enables the original concept to be further enhanced to improve liquid removal efficiency and flow handling capacity.

Filter Separators / Dry Gas Filters

SPS Separator

The filter separation process involves the removal of solids, liquids or both from gas processing streams. Filter Separators are commonly used where high efficiency removal of both solids and liquids are required. Filter Separators consist of the combination of two technologies: filtration elements and vanes. Available in either horizontal or vertical vessel configuration.

Custom Features

Furnished in a wide range of both capacities, sizes, and pressure class ratings, filter separators offer custom features including:

  • Full instrumentation/skid packages
  • Quick opening closures for filter element removal
  • Sumps or Lower Barrel configuration

Design Features

SPS incorporates the following features into the base filter separator designs:

  • Stainless steel constructed filter element carriers
  • USA manufactured filters
  • 316L EDP patented vanes

Performance Efficiency

  • Liquid: 99.9% of 3μ droplets
  • Solids: 99.9% of 3μ and larger particles

Reverse Flow Coalescers

SPS Reverse Flow Coalescer

Reverse flow coalescers (RFC) are used for applications requiring very high efficiency (0.3μ). In addition, the coalescer achieves the same performance removal of solid particles.

Design Features

RFC consist of a combination of two technologies:

1st Stage - Inlet chamber that employs one of the following features.

  • KO - inlet baffle
  • Vane mist extractor to reduce liquid loading to the elements
  • Multi Cyclone for liquid and/or solid removal prior to the elements

2nd Stage - Outlet chamber

  • High efficiency reverse flow coalescing elements

RFCs are furnished in a wide range of capacities, sizes, pressure class ratings and offer customer features including:

  • Full instrumentation/skid packages
  • Quick opening closures for element removal

Performance Efficiency

  • 99.9% of 0.3μ droplets of both solid and liquid particles

Additional Products & Services

SPS Additional Products

  • Filters - Gas & Liquid
  • Slug Catcher
  • KO Drums - API
  • Mesh
  • Fuel Gas Skids
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Fabrication

SPS Services

  • CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • FEA - Finite Element Analysis
  • Upgrade Evaluation / Retrofit
  • LAPS - Field Laser Testing